Sunday, August 5, 2012

How To Verify Paypal Using RCBC Mywallet Visa Card

RCBC MyWallet VISA CARD is RCBC's all-in-one card.

It allows you to enjoy electronic banking convenience anytime, anywhere.
It lets you do transactions like a regular ATM card: withdrawals, cashless shopping, balance inquiry and bills payment.
All these without the hassles of keeping a monthly maintaining balance.
Plus, no penalty will be charged even if you withdraw all the money in your account!

Why Apply RCBC MyWallet VISA CARD? 
Because you can now withdraw your Paypal Funds using your RCBC MyWallet VISA CARD.
RCBC MyWallet VISA CARD can now be linked to your Paypal accounts.
Actually, they are just the same with EON Card (Union Bank) in terms of functions but the advantage is that "RCBC MyWallet VISA card" is cheaper than UnionBank EON VISA CARD. Since you will pay for 350 for the annual fee for EON VISA CARD while RCBC MyWallet VISA CARD is just to pay 110php.

How to Verify Paypal using RCBC myWallet VISA CARD? 

1. Wait for 24 hours after you get the card to activate your card
2. After 24 hrs, you can deposit 50 pesos to verify paypal since you already have 100 on your account.
3. Then, go to your paypal account
4. Add Debit/Credit card
5. Put the details asked like First and type of the card
6. Select VISA for the type of the card
7. Add the card number(number at the front of the card), expiration date and the Card verification number(refer to the back of the card) and the billing address. Card Verification number is the last 3-digits on the back of your card. Be sure the billing address in paypal is the same as you apply for RCBC Visa Card
8.They will deduct 100php in order to verify that the card is yours. You card is now link to paypal but not yet verified, all you need to is to call the RCBC hotline to give the verification code for paypal. or you can email them. Go to and use this format in sending them emails to get your verification code.

Full Name: 16-digit Card number:
Issuing branch:
Birth date:
Phone No.:
Mobile Phone No:
Date of linking card with PayPal:
Email Address indicated during account opening:

After 1day, they email to you the code.
9. Log-in to your paypal account, copy the code and paste the paypal verification code given. Then you’re done. you will recieve a paypal bonus which is the amount they deducted from your EON account. So basically, you would get you 100 pesos back
10. Now, you're Paypal account is verified! Congratulations
So therefore, you just paid 10 pesos all in all. Get your RCBC myWallet VISA CARD now and get verified!
As of now, I already withdraw the money using my RCBC myWallet VISA CARD. The card can be used to restore the limited access account of Paypal. That what happen to my paypal account before it get verified by  RCBC myWallet VISA CARD.
I would like to add that only 10php is deducted every transaction of paypal to rcbc card. Sample, you withdraw 7330php to you card. Since they will deduct 10php, expectedly you will get 7320php.
Remember, Paypal will deduct 50php if you withdraw below 7000php and free if above 7000php. Sample, you withdraw only 4100php. Expectedly you will receive 4040 since you 50php for paypal and another 10php for paypal to rcbc account.

How to get RCBC myWallet VISA CARD?
1.First, go to the nearest RCBC Commercial Bank.
There are two RCBC bank - a) RCBC Savings bank; b.) RCBC Commercial Bank.
2. Fill-up the form given by teller and give a 1 VALID ID(original and photocopy) but they mostly needed the photocopy while original is for verification. List of VALID IDS, OTHER VALID IDS
3. Wait for the card to release after several minutes (depends on the bank)
4. You're done! You have your own RCBC myWallet VISA CARD


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